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multi_poke's Journal

An AU Multi-fandom Pokemon Role-Play
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Ever wonder what a character from a certain series would be like in the Pokemon Universe? Would they be a gym leader, trainer, or a team rocket/aqua/magma member?

Well now, in this multi-fandom game, you can play them out just like that.

Instead of having special powers and all of that other fun stuff which comes with saving the world from a batshit-insane evil overlord, they’re now just your every day run of the mill normal people.

Well, at least, normal as normal can get while living in a world with Pokemon.


01; Respect both the staff and your fellow members. Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. If you're having a problem with a certain member, a rule, the plot, anything, just notify a mod and we'll do something about it.

Do not let personal problems affect your role playing. Assaulting someone inside of the game simply because you do not like him or her will not be tolerated.

Also, OOC =/= IC. If a certain character is being a bitch to your character, do not immediately assume that the player does not like you. If a character is homophobic or racist, do not immediately assume that the player is.

We do not want any drama here. This is a game, people. Anyone that fails to follow this rule will receive a shovel to the face.

02; Kindly report any and all rule-breaking to either a moderator or myself, and do not attempt to take matters into your own hands.

03; The unlawful control of another’s character—as in, without their express permission—is strictly forbidden. God-moding, quite obviously, is also a no. Don't do it.

04; Please be sure to type in proper paragraph format; this includes the correct usage of capitalization, grammar, and punctuation. Your posts should contain minimal typos and spelling errors.

05; Direct all inappropriate content under a heavily-labeled cut.

06; Romance of all kinds is permitted here, provided that rule number five is adhered to.

07; You are expected to keep your characters as in-character as possible. While this role play is an AU game, the fun in role playing is exploring how a character would react to a certain situation given the guidelines of their canon personality.

Any drastic change in their personality must be extensively compensated for in the realm of character development.

08; If you do not like the way a character is being portrayed? Deal. We will not kick out a player for your own personal means, unless they are truly being out of character. [Example; Ichimaru Gin from Bleach would never, EVER, cut himself or write suicide poetry. Never.]

09; Participation is a must. This community will not work without active players, so please check the community as often as you can. If your character is inactive for two weeks you will be booted from the community. If you’re going to be away for a certain period of time, let us know in the OOC community. This goes for leaving the game, too.

10; Have fun~!


01; The main character limit, at the moment, is six. Any character from ANY fandom may be applied for; including dead characters [this is AU, remember]. Original characters, however, will not be accepted.

02; You may reserve a character for one week. If you do not get an application up by the time that week has passed, your character will be available for anyone to apply unless you have a good excuse.

03; After you are approved, THEN you go and make a character journal and join multipokeooc, and multipokelogs. Do not submit an application with an already made journal.

If you do not get a character journal up within a week after you have been accepted, we will assume that you have lost interest and decided to abandon the game.

04; Do not join the community with your personal journal, please. You may friend it, but please do not join it [you have no idea how many times I mistook a players journal for a character journal].

05; Be sure to check out the list of taken characters.

Ready to apply? Post your applications here!



M.O.D S.Q.U.A.D;

Anx @ youreveningsir; Anxiety of Souls/SnakesAtTheDisco; UchihaItachi01@hotmail.com, AnxietyofSoul@gmail.com.
Ran @ random_prophet; SDR0124; sdr0124@aol.com.